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“Play Together, Win Together, Achieve Together”

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We Are

UGN Online is a well established gaming community based on Xbox, Mobile and PC. We are involved in a wide variety of games and we strive to build a gaming environment that embraces competition, honesty, loyalty and comaraderie above all else. For over 10 years we have been building our gaming community and created a great name for ourselves. We offer a wide range of tournaments and competitions, all of which you can win prizes, we have acquired some incredibly loyal members over the years who now work as fully pledged staff members to help UGN continue to grow.

Active Community

One of the great things about UGN Online is we are always active on both our website and on our discord channel, meaning there is akways people to play with. By being so active on many games even if one person grows tired of a game there is always someone to play with in something else.

Awarding Members

We stand out from the rest because of our loyalty system, loyalty is a huge deal to us so we believe in awarding members for that loyalty. If we have people that enjoy UGN and get involved and help us out then we believe you should be awarded with a promotion through our ranks.

Tantalising Tournaments

We host many different tournaments, leagues and event nights, for many years we have had great feedback on our tournaments and we will work hard to keep that. You can expect tournaments and events from all major games, with many prizes to be won.

Fair & Honest Leadership

Known for our well admined discord server, website and tournaments offering fair investigations and a non abusive team. One thing that sets us apart is the leader of UGN will be the one to deal with all disputes or complaints, not a community vote.

Get Involved

Events or Tournments Currently Ongoing

Minecraft Creative World

We are currently working together to build a beautiful real-life working city on Minecraft, filled with sky scraper building, theme parks, water parks, farms, airports, shops and anything else that comes with a city. For more information join our Discord Server and get involved we are always looking for Minecraft Gamers to help us achieve our goal.

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FIFA 18 Tournament

We will soon be starting a FIFA 18 Ultimate Team tournament, the perfect place to show off your dream team and have a chance at winning a large amount of FIFA points, which could help you better your dream team or create another. This tournament will be played over several weeks, you will be given all details when sign-ups close.

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GTA Event Nights

Every month we host various Grand Theft Auto V event nights, one of our most popular GTA Event Nights are our car meets. We take some stunning photos of all attendees cars in various beautiful settings. This event is open to all GTA players that are apart of our gaming community we ensure a great night of gaming and amazing fun.

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Main Features

Gaming Highlight Reel

We enjoy keeping our gaming community feature packed, below are just some of the things you can get from UGN Online and our staff members are always working around the clock to bring you more gaming features and goodies.



We deliver all the latest gaming news as it happens, no need to look anywhere else to see what is going on in the gaming world. We have you covered.

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Every gamer loves competition and that is what we deliver, from tournaments, event nights and leagues. Prizes & cash to be won.

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If competition is not your thing, we offer much more in our game hubs, a place to get achievement guides, post your videos and much more.

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The Admin Team

Our Support Staff

Our success relies on the strength of our team Below are the guys responsible for UGN and it's success. These guys are always on hand to help anyone with any querie.


The founder of UGN, and the biggest asset to UGN over the years, designing and building our websites over the years and making UGN a fair and fun place to be. A leader that always likes to look over every aspect of UGN and ensure its running smoothly. Any idea that is brought forward to improve UGN or any tournament mentioned by community members, Gally always tries to implement these and make them work in order to keep UGN fresh and the place to be for any gamer, he might be the leader and the owner of UGN but he has always believed this is a place where everyone has a say in what we do next and has always believed in loyalty, honesty and a fair place for gaming.


UGN Owner/Leader

Ash Gardner

A staff member that has worked his way through the ranks of UGN over many years, one of the most trusted members we have. SimplyAsh has been here since the very early days over 10 years ago, he has always shown dedication and loyalty to what UGN is trying to achieve. This member has brought countless ideas to the table and has produced some great success for UGN. He is now a co-leader of UGN and our Head of Social Media. SimplyAsh now works along side the leader to drive UGN forward even further and has earned his place on the staff undoubtedly. Also responsible for a lot of the design work you see around UGN.

SimplyAsh 91


Butch 1086

Another member that has been with UGN for many years, this member spent many years with UGN bringing ideas forward and never asked for a promotion through the ranks. He was responsible for bringing racing leagues to UGN, not many websites out there run racing events due to the difficulty of keeping it fair, however Butch brought the ideas and worked along side the leader to make this work, since that day we have run many racing leagues and events across many different games. Butch is always the first hand up to run these events and he always does an incredible job. Butch dedicated that much time to this kind of thing the UGN leader actually approached him to become a member of the staffing team. Butch quickly accepted and now is a key member in the day to day running of UGN.



Cp I Dembele

This member has also been with UGN a good number of years, he came in as a FIFA player for our competitve club, at the time we had 3 clubs, 1st team, reserve team and a youth squad. He joined in at the youth team and quickly flew through the ranks to become a 1st team player. After a nervous start he became one of our most valued FIFA players, he then started to progress through the ranks as the UGN leader could see football was his passion. He was then named as an assistant manager for our FIFA team and soon after took full charge of the team. After having a lot of success with the team he continued to come through the ranks and he now finds himself a Co-Leader of UGN and has a huge hand in the day to day running of things around UGN. He is a very valued member and a member that over the years has shown that loyalty means a lot.

CP I Dembele


You Decide

We Deliver

We may have leaders, co-leaders and other staff members here at UGN, however we do not run a dictatorship. We believe in the community having their say, so anyone and everyone can bring forward any ideas, complaints or feedback they may have. The staffs duty is to implement this and to listen to every idea from any member. We believe UGN belongs to the community.

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